Refunds Overview

Reimburse customers by issuing Total or Partial refunds for Completed/Finished orders. Control the amount that gets returned to your shoppers, by opting to pay back the full costs associated with an order (including taxes), or just a part of the sum paid ( including taxes).


You can request total and partial refunds for a period of up to three months since the order was finished and the product delivered to the customer. The Request refund button for Finished/Complete orders is removed for orders older than three months. Refunding is still possible for up to one year after the order was finished and/or delivered. However, for orders between three and twelve months old, you need to contact JANY.AE to issue a refund.

Total refunds

Refund the full transaction amount of an order, including but not limited to the product price and taxes (calculated automatically by JANY.AE), as well as Backup Media and DIS (Download Insurance Service) costs.

Refund requests placed for orders that have an open chargeback are only processed after the chargeback is closed.

Reimburse only part of the transaction amount paid for Completed/Finished orders, with the system automatically calculating the repayment taxes.


Product files assigned to active subscriptions are still available for shoppers to download even after placing a partial refund. To cut shopper access to product files, disable the assigned subscription.

If the total amount of the partial refunds is equal to the total order value, shoppers do not have access to the product file anymore.

  • Subscription active
  • Subscription disabled
  • Partial refund
  • Product file available
  • Product file not available


1. Does JANY.AE send refund notifications?

Yes. Customers receive an email with information on the evolution of the refund, regardless of whether it was approved or rejected. You also get a notification message and have the option of viewing the details of an order for which a refund was issued.

2. How is the refund reflected in the order status?

Once a total or partial refund was approved and the customer reimbursed, the status of the order changes to Refunded. The Request refund button changes to View original order for Refunded orders, with all the payment details illustrating the reimbursement. A refund request can still be placed after a partial refund, and the original order will display “Request refund”.

3. How long does it take for a transaction to be refunded?

Once a refund was approved, reimbursement occurs. The refund amount will be available in the customer's

bank account after the refund is processed, depending on the issuing bank.

4. Can I issue more than one refund to a customer for the same order?

Yes. You can issue either a single total refund or several partial refunds for each order.

5. Are there any costs associated with a refund?

No. Neither you nor the shopper gets charged when refunding an order, but the order taxes processing already received by the Jordanian Government will not be returned.

8. What happens to refunded subscriptions?

The Disable license functionality impacts only renewal licenses managed through the JANY.AE platform, but not the licenses of the products acquired by your customers. For subscriptions, you control the transaction amount considered for a reimbursement, which can be the last payment or all payments a customer made, with forthcoming renewal licenses being canceled automatically.

Total and partial refunds may be performed only against settled transactions, so the options are not available for Unfinished, Canceled or Processing (In Progress and Pending Approval) orders. In Progress and Pending Approval orders can only be reversed, not refunded. However, the reverse of a refund can only be performed by JANY.AE, so for this purpose contact our Team.